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If you want to go FAST go alone if you want to go FAR go together

I add, let us go far AND go fast together!

WHY? Because I see your struggles, your overwhelm, your pains and your frustrations and I know I have solutions that would reduce them AND omit them. I can provide you with answers, the solutions and the strategy that you seek for your business.

I recognise that YOU, the creative entrepreneur, want to have an African story in your sourcing and production and equally want to make impact on the continent.

I guarantee that each idea is completely possible, you just need the know the how and the what to start. And that is where I’ve got you.

I provide you with a deep foundation where we will work together as a community for a common goal and this means you no longer have to go it alone. When I work with you, I treat your business as if it were my own, and I work to exceed your expectations.

With my various services I can help you with your needs.

Simply email me at to discuss your company and business needs.


For every business to grow it needs resources. For your African fashion business I AM your greatest resource. I help you start and build your business. I provide advice from my 20 year industry experience and I’ll go the extra mile to see your business grow! With my coaching programs delivered in 3 options to suit your needs you will find an opportunity to tap into my knowledge, my expertise and my network.

When I first started AFG I sourced organic cotton from Africa for my fashion business and since then have been sourcing for fashion business owners just like you who want to buy African.

For example, maybe you are sourcing simple product, white label blanks like tees, vests, and hoodies using African cotton, did you know that by just doing this that you could make impact that drives not only more jobs to Africa BUT supports the African cotton farmer that still does not receive the same amount of subsidies for their cotton as those in other regions do (such as the USA?! This is why.

This problem with the lack of subsidies received by African cotton farmers prevents them from competing well internationally. Cotton in many of these countries are the main source of trade and the main export. The importance is that there is the existence of quality cotton in Africa but just around 5% African grown cotton is actually processed in Africa. So the more that is grown and sewn on the continent the better for the textile supply chain and fashion industry in Africa

So if it is tees you are looking for then i can help you with sourcing from a:

(1) blank order program (basic silhouettes / white label ready to go) or
(2) from a bespoke program (own design garments made to your specifications).
Whichever route you take I will work with you on your requirements.

Maybe you wish to produce bags made from leather or raffia or sisal. Or you maybe considering making leather or wax print shoes. What about recycled brass jewellery or producing your own version of “African print” fabric! I have you covered with a network throughout Sub-Sahara and southern African states.

Still working out what your business in Africa could be then do grab your copy of my easy guide showing you ‘7 Top African fashion business opportunities you could start in Africa today’.

The Best Way to Predict the Future is to Create It.

So now it is over to you.
I know got amazing ideas and a passion to build a business in Africa BUT You just don’t understand the fashion business landscape in general AND need support on sourcing & production in Africa.

I understand that you are seeking a result where you are producing in Africa but equally are impacting lives on the continent whilst living a life of FREEDOM doing the thing you love.


I’m Jacqueline Shaw, Your Africa Fashion Business Coach. I’ve got you and can CERTAINLY rid you of your pain and frustrations!

I Won’t just BE ANOTHER COACH PROMISING TO help you start your business, BUT I ACTUALLY WILL help. With my 20 year industry experience and experience setting up my own label made in Africa I have the expertise and resources and WILL work with you and exceed your expectations.

SO Let’s talk!

Register at the link below to book a discovery call with me and let’s discuss your next steps to realising your African dream.


As a Consultant, Project Manager, Workshop Facilitator, Visiting Lecturer, Researcher, I have had the opportunity to advise international Fashion companies and SME businesses on original and fun projects pertaining to Africa’s fashion and textile industry.


With a strong ability to secure partners for events such as conference sponsorship and strategic partnership from C&A Foundation, Soul of Africa, Karma Cola, Proudly Made in Africa, The Africa Centre, Sandstorm Kenya, Fashion Revolution Day, Mantisworld, Big Lottery Funding, Hatch Africa and British Council; I am able to add further depth and breadth to your project in hand that exceeds your expectations.

Projects have included but not limited to advisor and steering committee member for an African Fashion museum exhibition; African fashion competition creator, facilitator and project manager; Market Researcher, Social Media manager, Graduate Fashion Week university judge


“I wish I'd known Jacqueline and her business - Africa Fashion Guide - when I started my fashion business many years ago. With her knowledge and experience my life would have been so much easier in the fashion business. As the African fashion industry continues to evolve and grow, Jacqueline adds value to both new and existing businesses like mine. Having her at the end of the phone line to test ideas, strategies and bring a fresh perspective is invaluable."

Like Mariatu of Gitas Portal you too can experience the same level of expertise and result for your business. Do email me at to discuss your business needs

Visiting Lecturer

Alongside my 20 year industry experience as a Fashion Design Professional I have had the opportunity to share my expertise with the next generation of designers and leaders in the fashion industry and so I now also bring unique workshops and interactive lectures on African fashion production, African garment and textile sourcing, production and costings, small business skills and sustainable textiles to Academic institutes.

Following satisfied institutes including FIT in New York; Amsterdam Fashion Academy, Holland: Trento College, Italy; UCA Epsom UK; Ravensbourne UK, Bahir Dar Institute of Technology, Ethiopia and more, I am pleased to offer the F.A.B Workshops™ University Edition to your institute.

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This creative, hands on, informed, yet intensive, 4-day program conducted in a relaxed classroom style format, gives design students and budding creative entrepreneurs the relevant tips, strategies, tools and resources to be able to firstly understand, then successfully prepare, build and grow their own African fashion business and design ranges which are based on sustainable design practices and ethical working conditions.

This unique workshop is a one of a kind experience that international students can engage in face to face and brings up to the minute KEY industry information for any budding designer who wishes to succeed in today’s fashion industry with an African business direction.

Public Speaking

As an international public speaker I have been hired to be a guest speaker, panel host, keynote speaker and panel speaker with a specialism in and emphasis towards Ethical Fashion in Africa’s Fashion & Textile industry
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Speaking engagements have included:

– House of Lords roundtable event 2011
– Influencer Conference 2011
– Africa Gives launch event – AFFORD 2012
– Ubuntu International Project 2012
– Ghana Fashion Week 2012
– Southbank – Africa Utopia 2012
– Fashion Africa Seminar Nairobi Edition – 2012
– Young African Diaspora Entrepreneurs at SOAS 2013
– FIT Fashion School NYC, USA – 2013 (hosting a talk on Ethical Fashion in Africa)
– WOW Festival, Southbank Centre, London UK – 2014
– FIT Fashion School NYC, USA – 2014 (hosting panel on Made in Africa)
– 32 Londoners – London Eye, London UK – 2014 (hosting a talk on Ozwald Boateng)
– Africa Utopia, Southbank Centre, London UK – 2014
– ACP-EU project – “Do you care what you wear?” (Panel talk and presentation on ethical fashion, African fashion, cotton and consumer purchasing) – European Commission – Brussels, Belgium – June 2015
– Africa Seminar – FROM / Who’s Next – Paris – September 2015
– Merge ZA – Tank Magazine London UK September 2016
– Africa Utopia, Southbank Centre, London UK – September 2016
– ACP-EU end of cotton project conference – Burkina Faso – Designer workshop – March/April 2017
– British Council Enterprise Africa Summit x Fashion Africa Voices Accra Edition March 2017
– Cambridge University – Africa Business Conference June 2017 – Guba Expo, London, UK – June 2018 – Bristol Museum, Bristol, UK– October 2018 – Lagos Fashion Week, Lagos, Nigeria – October 2018

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