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Immersive fashion business trips connecting the fashion world with african producers

As Director of Africa Fashion Guide this is my most FAVOURITE  of all our programs. I am proud to offer YOU, the creative entrepreneur who is invested in doing business ON THE GROUND in Africa, the opportunity to join us IN AFRICA throughout the year and meet face to face the RIGHT partners for your business.

I, Jacqueline Shaw, your AFRICAN FASHION BUSINESS COACH  will personally coach you with sessions during the trip and before to make sure you have success whilst there. Our practical and hands-on sourcing trips have been tailored specifically for YOU the design industry professional and include and array of gains you will receive by taking part.


  • F.A.S.T provides you with the relevant vetted CONNECTIONS and the network to get started TODAY and allows for real business opportunities.
  • F.A.S.T helps to REDUCE YOUR OVERWHELM of sourcing from scratch by providing you with a blueprint of the work already done.
  • F.A.S.T CUTS DOWN THE TIME it would take you to source and produce alone by yourself, by offering you the relevant contacts you need to get started.
  • F.A.S.T provides you with someone, professional SUPPORT to literally hand-hold you through with a STEP-BY-STEP PROCESS
  • F.A.S.T ultimately will SAVE YOU tons of MONEY from having your own African Fashion Business Coach on the ground with you on the trip AND prior to the trip, to make sure you are selecting the RIGHT COUNTRY, the RIGHT PRODUCT and the RIGHT PARTNERS
  • F.A.S.T helps you to see upfront the quality standards, logistic and red tape requirements and LEARN ON THE FIELD the BEST PRACTICES for international development focused business relationships
  • F.A.S.T grants you direct design and technical support in producing profitable fashion and accessory products that are UNIQUE with a strong, compelling SOCIAL IMPACT story

As your African Fashion Business Coach I have already put the SYSTEMS and CONTACTS in place for you. For 10 years nearly I have searched in person, travelling multiple times to more than 10 of Africa’s key fashion manufacturing countries, I have undertaken INTENSE research (including two Masters degrees and project work for clients), I have NETWORKED on the ground up to government levels (from House of Lords to the United Nations to the European Commission), and have personally set up projects and programs with African fashion businesses and industry leaders in the African fashion landscape. I now have a network that is second to none.

Learn more about our upcoming trips at and email me at to find out how I can help you create and build your made in Africa fashion business this year.


Considering joining us on our next trip? See what past delegates have said about the trip.

 “I’ve just been on the short sourcing trip for the week in Kenya. My very first time. It’s been a great week. It’s given us a really good overview of the manufacturing here what I can take back to Australia and New Zealand. And I have found a couple of really good factories that I will be going home with and talking to retailers and brands about. I’m quite excited about it all. And all in all, a great week.”

Juliana, New Zealand

“I’m a designer and I’ve come and joined the Fashion in Africa sourcing trip in Kenya, to see what opportunities there are here and we have just finished our week and the week has been SO impressive. Everyone we’ve been to have been buzzing with excitement and opportunity. There’s no limit to what you can do really, getting working with designers in Kenya, working with producers, working with artisans, an array of different mediums and raw materials. Fantastic and very, very high quality. Every business we went to was very impressive and had something to offer. I’ve learnt tons it’s been a really great experience”

Nina, Australia
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