Fashion Africa Business Program
3 month exclusive group program to start a fashion business in Africa
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Fashion Africa Sourcing Trips
This series of immersive fashion business mission trips are focused on connecting the fashion business world with the producers and artisans in Africa. Our initiative is focused on development and so we aim to build direct relationships with the fashion design community and artisan focused social enterprises throughout the African continent.
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Fashion Africa Conference
This event is a must attend event where there will be a mix of press, brands, industry influencers and insiders with a mutual involvement and/or vested interest in elevating African trade, design and production, and who want to be part of the wider solution to raise Africa as a trailblazer in quality design and production.
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Fashion Africa Trade Expo
Seeking African Fashion Manufacturing? This is Your Online Sourcing Gateway to Africa's Fashion Industry. Connect with textile makers. fashion manufacturers, accessories, footwear, homeware and more.
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Fashion Africa Membership Club
A online monthly membership to gain coaching, content and community to equip creative entrepreneurs to start build launch profitable fashion businesses made in Africa
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Fashion Africa Voices interviews
An interview series with industry experts and designers
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