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A unique free video course created to help take you from overwhelmed to outstanding business owner that understands HOW to navigate Africa’s fashion and textile supply chain.

Module 1: Introducing the AFRICA Roadmap that will save you time, money and overwhelm.

Africa is the new hub for Manufacturing. With vast opportunities waiting to be discovered. One has to acquire the knowledge and guidance to be in the position to discover and gain from what it has to offer. This series is perfect to kick start you in the right direction
Nikki Adjei Founder
Prosper Design Consultancy

Module 2: A for Alignment - your WHY and F for Finance - your money

“This video introduces two aspects of setting up a fashion business (purpose and finances) that are often overlooked especially when you do not have a background in fashion or business. Any entrepreneur who is really serious with his Africa fashion business project should take these courses. The highly relevant and enlightened content will help him to not make mistakes that can be fatal to his dream. Congratulations for this initiative! The entrepreneurial community that wants to do business in Africa is in dire need of it.”
Kibamba Nimon 
Director: Les Vigies de la Mode. Canada

Module 3: Quick Tips to building your key supplier Relationships and how to find out your Ideal Customer

“From this video course I gained an understanding of the importance of building relationships and to sustain the vision of where I want my business to be. This video has shown me as a designer it is not just about leading the way with my products but leading the way with my partners in business. Certain partnerships need to be formed so I will know everyone that is part of the vision understands where they stand and how collectively we can achieve the business objective. The most important thing of all is to meet with the people I will work with in person and understanding their values and integrity in order for business success. As a designer in the UK, that wants to move my business idea to Nigeria, I am seeking more knowledge and training how to position my self in the next two years successfully. I am super excited for the coming course…… READY TO TAKE OVER!”
Rebecca Osewa
Director: Rebecca Osewa Textiles Design LTD. U.K.

Module 4: Selecting your Country - your production location and presenting your truth - being Authentic. AND BONUS POINT!

“In this video series Jacqueline couldn’t have said it better! From experience, knowing which country to invest in and work with will save you time and money. On top of that Authenticity is everything! Because if you say you are passionate about brand Africa, let your contribution count.”
Mariatu Turay
Director: Gitas Portal. U.K

Meet Your Trainer

Hey! I am Jacqueline Shaw, the Director of Africa Fashion Guide ltd AND our Fashion Africa Business Academy – our unique online programs that equips Designers, Brands and Creative Entrepreneurs with how to build an impactful, sustainable Fashion business sourced and made in Africa. 

The free video series and the interactive online courses inform fashion businesses on everything from sourcing from Africa, manufacturing with African suppliers, your sustainable fashion policy, understanding the African market, Logistics and Red tape and SO MUCH MORE!

My passion is to help thousands of designers, brands and creative entrepreneur to navigate the sourcing landscape of Africa’s textile industry whilst creating a sustainable solution to their African sourcing strategy. 

My work has seen me featured on Vogue Italia, BBC Africa, She Leads Africa, Monocle, the Guardian, New African Woman to name a few. 

With a masters in Ethical Fashion and an international career working for international brands and retailers including Puma, Fila and C&A you will now find me working purely with Africa and likely to be enjoying the hotels and beaches and watching the fashion street trends of Africa’s growing tourist industry. 

Africa is fashion’s future and Africa is NOW!


What our Alumni say

The FAB course is a great introductory to anyone looking to get involved in sourcing consumer goods on the African continent. The guest speakers provided formidable insight into specific sectors and unveiled cultural nuances from West to Eastern Africa business practices.  At the time of taking the FAB course, I was beginning feasibility studies in Ghana and trying to understand this point in the garment supply chain. Since then, I've created WOVEN- Fashion and Retail consultancy based in Ghana. One of the services we provide is sourcing and the course taught me what to expect when stepping into that industry. Most speakers were willing to share contact info for offline conversations and  shared ground realities. I'd recommend this course to anyone that is aspiring or ready to take a deep -dive into sourcing from the African continent.
Viola Labi
CEO Woven
I first became aware of Jacqueline Shaw and Africa Fashion Guide in 2012. I was really impressed with the content and started following Jacqueline Shaw. When the course was established, I wanted to participate. I knew it would be of great value. I was not disappointed when I participated in the Fashion Africa Business Workshops in 2016. I highly recommend her offerings. I have gained so much valuable information, knowledge about Africa resources and access to a network of people who have created sustainable Africa resourced products."
Yvette Jenkins
Founder of Love Travels Imports, US
The FAB workshops really helped me learn more about production, sourcing, logistics, and the positive progression of fashion on the continent but specifically for my interest in Kenya. I made a number of very useful connections and contacts, and went from being a struggling lost designer in the UK, to working at a factory in Kenya for a few months, experiencing all they could offer, applying my knowledge to assist them, and also what that could mean for producing my own designs in Kenya. From this opportunity in 2017 I went on to consult for another small, artisan factory in Kenya in the spring of 2018 and now I am currently working there as Assistant Production Coordinator and Technical Adviser, to assist in the growth and development of the factory and its employees. The FAB workshop was key in connecting all of these steps in my career and I am so pleased to have taken part.
Assistant Production Coordinator and Technical Adviser
I wish I'd known Jacqueline and her business - Africa Fashion Guide - when I started my fashion business many years ago. With her knowledge and experience my life would have been so much easier in the fashion business. As the African fashion industry continues to evolve and grow, Jacqueline adds value to both new and existing businesses like mine. Having her at the end of the phone line to test ideas, strategies and bring a fresh perspective is invaluable."
Mariatu Turay
Director: Gitas Portal. U.K