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My mission is to open the African opportunity to creative entrepreneurs just like you. I help you designers, brands and retailers to reimagine your supply chain, interpret centuries old textile traditions and techniques, produce socially, environmentally, sustainable and desirable product to ultimately impact communities around the African continent.

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Today I have the daily joy of working with businesses of all sizes (that’s right, including your size) by creating sustainable solutions and sourcing strategies to build and grow their African textile and manufacturing business. BUT my journey to get to this point is an interesting one.

My Journey

My journey started with a full-time career as a professional fashion designer, spanning nearly 20 years. I know fashion, inside and out. My rollercoaster career saw me living and working in Turkey, China, UK and Germany for international brands (Puma, Russell Athletic, Animal, Fila, Wilson) and retailers (C&A).

But, like some of you, I got tired of where my career was taking me, I became unsatisfied and often discouraged by the industry and I wanted to be part of the contemporary African narrative.

I thought there was something wrong with me because no matter how hard I worked, I just wasn’t getting the internal satisfaction I desired. Things weren’t “clicking” for me in my career. But I wasn’t broken. I simply wasn’t living in alignment with my greater purpose.

I now know that I was created to be a coach, a motivator, to be an expert and an influencer.

Today I have the daily joy of working with businesses of all sizes (that’s right, including your size) by creating sustainable solutions and sourcing strategies to build and grow their African textile and manufacturing business. BUT my journey to get to this point is an interesting one.

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Not sure if you are in alignment with your purpose? That’s okay. Clarity comes through action, so just keep taking action until you find “your thing.” Remember that it’s okay to change your mind.
I wanted to play an integral part in African history through the industry I knew best…

An industry worth 3 trillion dollars globally and accounting for 2 percent of the world's Gross Domestic Product (GDP)

My Evolution

My African fashion business journey has connected me with an influential industry network in Ethical and African fashion which I regularly tap into to deliver our programs and most importantly has taught me some very KEY secrets of working with our partners in Africa.

This took a spin when in 2009 I made a trip of my lifetime that opened up a door I never imagined would have been my life today. At the age of 30 I took my first trip to Africa, to Ghana, to EMBRACE MY HERITAGE which journeyed from Africa to the Caribbean to the U.K. where I was born and raised.
I was interested in going to Africa not only to explore the LINKS in my heritage with the African continent but also to learn about the artisanal work in fashion and textiles and decided to research Ghana’s fashion industry as part of Masters’ degree in Ethical Fashion.

I felt that there were no platforms talking about the African opportunity in fashion and I could hear the heartbeat of Africa and it was getting louder and louder. I decided if no platform existed then screw it, I would be a pioneer, THE pioneer, and create IT.

From there I decided to define the terms of how those in my network saw African fashion, and ultimately challenged assumptions. I did this by launching my book Fashion Africa, setting up a blog site  and creating an event, the Fashion Africa Conference, all to complete my degree.

Little did I know my vision to create awareness and be part of the changing narrative of Africa’s fashion industry would rocket me into the position I am in now – as an industry expert.

Absolutely brilliant..an so well captured..you are amazing to work with an best sourcing consultant I've worked with... I am glad to be sourcing with someone of your extreme expertise..

I have had the honour of sharing my African fashion vision on TV and radio channels BBC Africa, BBC Womanshour, Monocle, BEN TV, Arise TV, and have been invited to inform and educate students at reputable fashion schools such as Fashion Institute Technology New York, London College of Fashion, Ravenbsourne, UCA Epsom, University of East London, Amsterdam Fashion Academy and also schools in Africa.

Invitations for speaking engagements have lead me to being a speaker at the House of Lords, London; the European Commission, Brussels; the Influencer Conference, London, ACP-EU conference in Burkina Faso and so on and so.

With event partners and speakers attending the Fashion Africa Conferences I organise to include C&A Foundation, actress Rosario Dawson, H&M, Sedex, Ethical Fashion Forum, Solidaridad, International Trade Centre/Ethical Fashion Initiative, British Museum, Fashion for Good, Financial Times, Guardian newspaper, and more, my enthusiasm and the encouragement to continue this journey is only growing in size.

So as your African Fashion Business Coach I agree with World Economic Forum that recognises that

“Africa is on the brink of a major transformation…the outlook for the region remains bright at a time when the rest of the world is facing major political and economic challenges.”

The Business of Fashion in Africa

A report by the AfDB tells us that Africa currently accounts for 1.9% of global trade. The global fashion industry is estimated to now be worth $1.3 trillion and will be worth $2 trillion by 2020.

Within Africa, the entire textile/clothing market is already worth more than $31billion and accounts for the second largest number of jobs in developing countries after agriculture. In the next five years, Africa’s textile industry could generate $15.5 billion revenue.

Alongside these stats, the artisan craft sector is the second largest employer in the developing world.

But according to the 2006 UN Human Development Report, Sub-Saharan Africa loses about 5% of GDP through shrinking trade income, this equates to around $28.4 billion annually. Africa will rise not by charity or aid but through investment and trade. So business acumen and an understanding of this emerging market is key to the development of a strong African economy.

Through the Ethical Fashion movement, opportunities exist for African fashion businesses to successfully compete in a lucrative international market for fashion. In Kenya, for example, statistics show that every job in the garment sector generates 5 other jobs.

SO…this is My mission.

Because your success is my success I am committed to working with businesses like yours, to help BUSINESS OWNERS LIKE YOU to ultimately start, create, build and grow your African fashion business whilst impacting communities around the African continent.

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There are many big problems.

But YOU can be one big solution.

AND today, I WANT TO HELP YOU become a part of the solution.

We need each other. Like the Adinkra symbol “Boa Me Na Me Mmoa Wo” meaning Help Me and Let Me Help You

This symbol of Cooperation and Interdependence representing new Partnerships and Cooperatives will be key for your own African fashion business.

So let ME help YOU on YOUR African Fashion business journey.

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